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Random Acts of Craftiness, Annual Crafternoon Tea

Random Acts of Craftiness Crafternoon Tea

Sunay Nov 18th  Tittle and Tat Random Acts of Craftniess, Annual Crafteroon Tea.

WHEN: Sunday November 18th

WHERE: Your house! Your local hall, your backyard or anywhere you like!

WHY: We are raising money for our Charity Partner The Miracle Babies Foundation and conducting random acts of kindness/craftiness.



Support Mini Miracles with Random Acts of Kindness

By registering and fundraising for the Tittle and Tat Random Acts of Craftiness Crafternoon Tea, you will be joining a brilliant group of supporters. These supporters understand what an overwhelming and traumatic experience it can be to experience the birth of a sick or premature newborn. By holding a Random Acts of Craftiness, Crafternoon Tea not only will you be supporting the Miracle Babies Foundation you will continue to spread the love, when you leave your toys in a public space for a stranger to find.

Invite your friends over for an afternoon of craft and tea. Make adorable toys and raise money for the Miracle Babies Foundation. Then hit the streets and conduct Random Acts of Craftiness!

What is a Random Act of Craftiness?
Imagine it is Monday morning; it is a cold and dreary day. You are slowly making your way to the train station for another long week of work ahead. Something catches your eye; a strange package is tied to the telegraph pole in front of you. As you get closer  you discover a beautiful handmade toy inside a clear plastic bag. You open the bag and peek inside and there is a tag attached to the owl saying, "Want me? Take Me! I'm yours!" You have just been stuck by a Tittle + Tat 'Random Act of Craftiness'. You suddenly have a spring in your step and a smile on your face as you continue your journey to work with your new found friend.

The intention behind the Tittle + Tat Random Acts of Craftiness is to promote and spread the love of handmade and Indie Design and to brighten up someone's day with a random act of kindness. The growing trend in consumerism towards a world of mass produced 'sameness' is contributing to a very boring and homogenised world. Finding a toy in a public space to take home and keep gives the lucky recipient a warm fuzzy feeling and a big fat smile! Be part of the revolution and help bring awareness back to the simple joys in life.

What about the Crafternoon Tea?
You can conduct Random Acts of Craftiness all year round, whenever you want! However, once a year Tittle + Tat hold an Annual event called, Tittle and Tat -Random Acts of Craftiness, Crafternoon Tea. This year we are very proud to be raising money for our charity partner the Miracle Babies Foundation. The Tittle + Tat Random Acts of Craftiness Crafternoon Tea is officially held on Sunday 17th November. If this date doesn't work for you, you can hold your Crafternoon tea on any day in November.

To host a Crafternoon Tea:

Step 1. Register for FREE by emailing us here and requesting a Random Acts of Craftniess Kit and Crafternoon Tea Host information.
Your kit will include everything you need to make your toys (excluding materials). You will be sent an email with a PDF pattern and step by step instructions on how to make a very cute and simple soft owl. This gorgeous pattern of a 'Wise Little Owl' was kindly donated by Laura Rawson from Doilies and Dreams. You can find more Wise Little Owl friends and more of Laura's work in her Tittle + Tat Store. Of course you don't have to use our 'Wise Little Owl' pattern you can make any toy you like, although this pattern is a nice simple project for all skill levels.  You will be sent all the instructions, material list and printables to allow you to complete your 'Random Act of Craftiness'. You will also receive tips and advice on fundraising and running your morning tea
Step 2. Start up a simple online Fundrasing page using Everyday Hero, to raise some money for Miracle Babies and send it out to the world.
Step 3. Hold your Crafternoon Tea party and collect donations.
Step 4. Show off your creations to the world via Facebook
Step 5. Upload the donations collected on the day to your every day hero page or send directly to the Miracle Babies Foundation.
Step 6. Hit the streets and spread love all around, with Random Acts of Creativity. Don't forget to take photos of your Crafternoon Tea parties and your toys left in a public space and share with us here.


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If you don't want to hold a Crafternoon Tea, but the idea of conducting a "Random Act of Craftiness" gets you all excited.  Click here.

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